Rotary Club of Mumbai Sion | Club ID : 15499 | R.I. District 3141

Welcome To Rotary Club of Mumbai Sion

The Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bombay East, was chartered as Rotary Club of Bombay Sion on 26th june1974 with 33 founder members with the territory gifted by the Rotary Club of Bombay East. The Club adopted ‘Sion Fort’ as its emblem. It appears on the Club Flag and all publications. A trust named Rotary Club of Bombay Sion Charity Trust was started in 1975. Subsequent to the change of name of the city of Bombay to Mumbai, the Club and its Trust made similar changes in their names.

The Club ran a Medicare Center opposite Sion Railway Station for many years.

Events & Projects

Orthopedic Deficiencies and Corrective Surgeries & Jaipur Foot Camp

Jaipur Foot Project is a flagship project of our Club. Having started in the year 1984 at Nairobi, Kenya, the project was carried on regular basis at Ulhasnagar, Jakhania, Kutch and Mumbai offering Jaipur feet, wheelchairs and tricycles. More than 80 orthopedic corrective surgeries were also performed correcting deformities in a number of rural patients who could not afford the expensive treatment.

Yoga for Cancer Patients

A special Yoga session for cancer patients is conducted every Thursday at Hotel Midtown Pritam, Dadar, Mumbai

District Cricket Tournaments

Club has been actively participating in the District Cricket Tournament since the year 1984 and has won the Championship Trophy for 10 consecutive times.

Upcoming Events
Club Leaders 2023-24

Rtn. Deepak Kanulkar



Rtn. Yogesh M. Prabhu